[collectibles] Brochure Update - F1 / S.S. I/II Toolkit

Couple of updates on Brochure pages:

a) The latest F1 press pack for the R1 car that will race this
season. Pics plus specs for the car and engine.
b) For toolkit specialists, the descriptions of the 1933 S.S.I and
S.S.II toolkits from the 1933 Instruction manual.

Update list at:

I’ve also got Gary Oxley’s (Jaguar Model Club) latest 1928 Swallow
offerings from the club. IMHO far better than the Milestone attempts,
I’ll post some pics in a while.

Another item of interest might be this. The 1938 SS100 Coupe (the
one off that wa sshown at the '38 motor show) was widely believed and
documented to have belonged to Gordon March initially.

However, here are some scans of the original UK log books for this
vehicle clearly showing the first owner in 1939 to be a Mr Leo Thomas
March (Brother/Father or what?). The ownership did not transfer to
Gordon March until August 1943. I have a particular fascination with
this car - if anyone has any other material such as original photos
(other than the usual ones) or any records/documentation, I’d be
pleased to hear from you.

Tony (Sussex, UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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