[collectibles] early XJS

My guess would be with what is a fairly late number ie 122nd car built that
it would be only considered a normal production car, jaguar did introduce
new models with less than 50 cars ie XJC from memory 33 preproduction cars
most if not all sold as completed cars. It may not even be a show car but
interesting to see advise from Jaguar
regards>1974 XJS 2 door

Automatic, right hand drive, power windows & locks, sunroof, V-12.
I need some help in the authenticity of this car and do have a VIN
Number it is XJS 2W1122BW this tag matches the tag on the motor as
well. I have found out that it is a prototype, they released these
cars to production in sept. '75 as a '76 Model and this car was
built in 74 as one of the mule prototypes. I have found out that
Jaguar did build (1) XJS station wagon in '74 as a prototype. I am
in the process of trying to get some answers from the Jaguar

The car is an original survivor and is in running and driving
condition. I am a drag racer and stumbled across this car, have
always been a Jaguar fan and have never owned one until now. I do
plan on keeping the car in its current state and probably selling
it. How much is this car worth? Thanks in advance for any help.
My home email is cinder396@hotmail.com
My work email is nhoffman@hahnclay.com