[collectibles] Formula One things and news

For those of you who are going to collect F1 things, as far as I know
the items currently out there are:

  1. The Concept press pack

  2. The R1 Launch Press Pack (at least one around signed on the cover in
    marker pen by the two team drivers)

Both the above are on the brochure pages.

  1. A Satchel in team colours that was given away to journalists at the
    Lords launch with the press kit plus pads, pens and other items. The
    600 available went very quickly… Anyone got a spare one?

  2. Car stickers (decals) - these will be available at dealers very
    shortly so chat up your local dealer!

  3. A poster that may only be on very limited distribution.

Any other items you know of please let me know. The above are from the
UK and other countries may vary (Melbourne is bound to come up with a
number of items and I know at least one list member is going…)

There are also two F-Type posters (large format) at dealers in the UK
currently and I’ll post photos to the Collectibles Posters page as soon
as I get mine. Also postcards.

I’ve also added more Posters scans/pics from 1948- 1968 there in the
last few days.

Tony (Sussex, UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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