[collectibles] Fund Raiser

Just a reminder that every couple of years we pass the hat
around and ask the membership to contribute what they can afford
towards the cost of providing you with the Jag-lovers
infrastructure. While the admins provide their time free to
perform maintenance tasks, hardware unfortunately has to be paid
for. The current status of the fundraiser is:

Current Fund Total is USD6332.35
204 people (from 4870 members plus visitors) have contributed so

The usage of the funds and how to contribute is explained
further here:


In short we need some hardware upgrades to keep the website and
mailing list up and running, it’s ongoing because we archive
every post to allow the knowledge of all our members for
searching against and because the website is ever expanding with
new info and services.

If this or nay other Jag-lovers or web page list has saved you
money or assisted in the process of restoring or maintaining
your Jaguar or enhancing your collection, then we’d appreciate
if you could forward a sum appropriate to the value you receive.
You should forward whatever you feel represents the value you
get from this list and site.


List Admin–
Tony (UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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