[collectibles] Help improving my 71 series 2 OTS performance

The car works fine, sounds great and it is a lot of fun. But… yes
I would like to have a little more punch. I know my specific series
2 car is the most ‘‘chocked’’ of the series 2 E-types.
These are some of the improvements that I thought might help
without a lot of pain and anguish ( I am not a mechanic). I
gathered the information mostly from reading this forum.
Please let me know if I am embarking in unecessary changes.

  1. I am going to keep the 2 strombergs, get a K&N filters for them
  2. Change the distributor, either from an earlier series 2 or
    series 1? vs. a mallory electronic with ???advance curve???
  3. New coil?
  4. I have already changed the exhaust using CJ’s ceramic coated
  5. Rear axle ratio?? is it worth changing it and does it cost a lot
    to do?
    I want my car to be in the shop no more than a week and hopefully
    not cause any foolish changes that can come back and hunt me in the
    If I can get away with improving the performance without changing
    the carbs I would prefer that. Is it advisable?

Thank you in advance for your help

71 series 2 OTS–
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