[collectibles] Ian Cooling Collectibles Talk available [RealVideo]

With the compliments of the West Sussex region of the JEC, I’ve just
posted Ian Cooling’s talk he delivered to the Club last year (Ian is
the author of ‘Jaguar Collectibles’ and a Collectibles list member).
Available on the Web in Real format, you can find it at:


This page is one of two (the talk lasts about 70 minutes overall) and
providing you have a later version of RealVideo (see the page if you
don’t) you can view it direct on the embedded web client. The stream is
at 20k for 28k modems upwards. There is also a 64k version (22 MByte)
available as a raw .rm file in a larger format that you could download
and view locally if you don’t have a fast enough connection.

Our club venue is not well lit (and we don’t want to blind our visitors
to film them!) so apologies for the video quality but the sound is the
main thing. Ian used many slides and these come over okay. The talk is
well worth watching and rewarding as Ian imparts and illustrates his
vast knowledge of all things Jaguar amassed over the past 30 years or
so. The club is also hoping to have Ian along for a follow-up talk and
slide show on competition Jaguar memorabilia this coming September.

Our local JEC site also has other RealVideo talks available from Graham
Searle and Paul Skilleter.


Tony (Sussex, UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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