[collectibles] Jaguar Daimler rare "Milano" attache case

I have a very rare attache Jaguar Daimler ‘‘Milano’’ attache
case that was given to my father by Jaguar when they
launched the XJ at his hotel in South of France. It is made
from the same walnut at the Jaguar dash, the interior is
leather and the locks and handle gold plated. Apparently
this is a gift given to VIPs by the company. I have never
seen one of these attache cases and have searched the web to
find a similar one with no success. Can anyone furnish me
with more information as I may be looking to sell this item
to a Jaguar enthusiast but have absolutely no idea what it
may be worth. The attache case is in asolutely mint
condition and has never been used.–
London, United Kingdom
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