[collectibles] 'Jaguar' Mascots on eBay

There are two mascots currently up on eBay and described variously as "1936
SS Jaguar Car Mascot, Hood Ornament " and "VERY OLD JAGUAR CAR MASCOT EMBLEM
". IMHO they do not have any known proved link with SS Cars or Jaguar Cars
and also may be of post war manufacture, possibly originating in Australia or
New Zealand. I do have several examples of the


One is described as “SS Jaguar stylised leaping mascot. Pure Art Deco
styling. This exceptional mascot was produced in very limited numbers in 1936
and was used as an accessory for the SS100 cars. A rare find, and a mascot
for the true Jaguar collector, or owner of an SS car wishing to treat himself
to the ultimate accessory.”

Brooks attempted to auction one of these recently for fitting to ‘the SS80
(sic) and S100’ (a description taken from another completely different mascot
in a previous catalogue).

Previous and new researches for the definitive Mascot article Ian and I are
working on (first part out in the Feb (pub mid January) 2002 issue of Classic
Jaguar World) indicate that there are at least two varieties of this mascot
(unidentified as far as manufacturer goes) that are very similar. They all
bear a strong resemblance to Brau’s Panther. The base is similar to that of
the Lejeune and Brau. The mouldings are not of particularly good quality
compared to others of the period and the body is not like that of a Jaguar.

One person reports from Australia that he has two and has seen maybe three
others, one from New Zealand. His Grandfather bought an SS secondhand without
a mascot on in about 1946-8 and added one of these mascots after he bought
the car.

See the article for a lot more on the early mascots including the only mascot
known to leave the factory fitted to an SS100!

Tony (W Sussex, UK) [XKR Coupe]
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