[collectibles] Jaguar Mk2 overheating problem solved!

1960 Jaguar Mk2, for over 3 years have been battling
‘‘overheating’’. I changed the old steel radiator for an
aluminum one, changed the fan for a fancy one that I got
from XK’s, and placed an electric fan pusher in front of the
radiator. Thermostat, thermostat housing, temp sensor and
temp gauge were replaced. The problem…continued. This is
were it gets interesting, one day while driving the fuel
gauge marked a little less than 1/4, well…I ran out of
gas. I researched what could have caused the problem and the
solution came.
I looked at the electrical wiring of the instruments and
found out that the temp and fuel gauge were connected to
the ‘‘voltage stabilizer’’. Could it be that easy?. Well I
went ahead and bought a laser temperature gauge and checked
the engine temp close to the thermostat housing and it was
measuring 74 C, the gauge (115 degrees C). Ordered a solid
state voltage stabilizer, (for 15 dollars, positive ground
obviously), installed it (behind instrument cluster) and
finally … problem solved!.On a hot day it will run 75-85
degrees! Temp is accurate and the fuel gauge is for real
now. For all of you having the same problem might be a good
idea to start there. I know those ‘‘improvements’’ for the
cooling system are great, but if I had known, it would have
saved me a lot of grief. I wanted to share this positive
experience with all of you. Thanks for your time.–
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