[collectibles] Jaguar XJS books F/S

list of hard cover books I have F/S.

#1 Jaguar XJ-S by Duncan Wherrett.

#2 The XJ series by Paul Skilleter.

#3 The Jaguar XJS ,Gold Portfolio Edition.

#4 Jaguar XJS by Rivers Fletcher.

each $25.

also F/S a VHS, V12 Archives of the late 60s to 1st
release of the 6.0L V12. MIRA track testing of the 1st E
type fitted with V12. Harry Mundy & Walter Hassan,

shows production line of the Jaguar V12, being manufactured

it has 70s Trans-Am racing, with Group 44 cars and Bob
Tullius prepared cars. blowin the doors off the
Corvette,Camaro, Fords!

anyone who likes Jaguar history should have a copy made
into a DVD, $45. each.

daytona fl. / Austin TX., United States
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In reply to a message from Ronbros sent Sun 12 Aug 2012:

These are some of the nice cover books with you had
specified,good one,I have seen some of,if you get more share
cars for auction
The original message included these comments:

it has 70s Trans-Am racing, with Group 44 cars and Bob

Craig Linda
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