[collectibles] JDHT CD-ROMs and ordering

Most of you know that the JDHT now sell a number of CD-ROMs and they’ve
just told us that they have a new photo archive one available as well. The
additional info below I obtained direct from Anders and others at the JDHT
has been posted on other lists but some of you might find it useful for
the new CD (I haven’t seen this yet).

See the enthusiast magazines for lists of what else the JDHT are actually
supplying (I don’t have that info) as neither does the JDHT website - or
at least I can’t find it! In fact, I would have to say that their website
is actually pretty useless at providing the info most of us might want.


(above is supposed to be in a frameset but you’ll get there direct using
that link a hell of lot quicker by not having had to navigate through the
loads of Flash code imposed on you first).

Lots of summary info we probably know already with little or no useful
detail. I reckon Jag-lovers does a much better job on Jaguar’s Heritage
than Jaguar itself (but then I would…) Any other opinions?

In fact, how many of you know that Jag-lovers actually hosted the JDHT web
pages for many years on behalf of Tony O’Keefe until the Corporate side
decided that apparently wasn’t an option?

Here’s the info…===

One can order the CDs from a dealer - in principle any Jaguar dealer. But
the classic car CDs especially have proved very popular around the world,
and to overcome the mail order difficulties, you can in fact get these
classic car CDs direct from Anders’ department at the JDHT Archives using
a credit card. Note that this is just for the classic car CDs, we don’t
do car parts by mail order.

Also, you (and your readers) may be interested to hear that we
are about to launch a JDHT Photo Library CD, containing several
hundred images (and three classic brochures) from our archives.
This will retail at Sterling 19.95 and will be available only by
mail order from Anders at the JDHT or the visitor’s shops at the
Jaguar plants.

Good news! We are about to open such a shop at the new
Visitor’s Centre at Halewood.


Orders for CDs of workshop manuals (not parts books) for XJS and XJ40, and
new photo CD: e-mail Julia Simpson at the JDHT on jsimps16@jaguar.com
with credit card number and other details.

If you are worried about the security of using plaintext e-mail, Julia’s
telephone number is +44 (0)24 76 202141, and her fax number is +44 (0)24
76 405581.

The JDHT recommends to anyone who is wary of e-mailing a credit card
number that they telephone, fax or even write a letter.


I’ll try and get this and any more available info on a web page in the
next few days for permanent reference - look in the Info section off the
Jag-lovers Homepage links.


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