[collectibles] Keep America Beautiful-Bring Home a Jaguar

As I mentioned, these pins were given out at the New York Auto Show in
April 1966. I took a few minutes to look this slogan up in Dugdale, it’s
history is surprising. Here’s what he has to say:

"For Jaguar, in 1966, the showroom was the responsibility of the Briggs 

Cunningham distributorship for the North-East but it still had its uses in
attracting prospects for the overseas delivery business, which we had to
process direct. This was still prospering, and did so up to the time when
the 10% exise tax on cars was also applied to these deliveries taken
abroad. The bottom then fell out of that particular market. Our publicity
theme for Overseas Delivery was ‘Keep America Beautiful-Bring Home a
Jaguar!’ This was adapted from the slogan of the environmentalists of the
day and we thought it was original at the time but that is doubtful.
Rootes, who had pioneered Overseas Delivery in the early Fifties, had a
rather better slogan invented by their ad agency Anderson & Cairns, ‘Take a
Car in Your Pocket’ with a logo showing a little man going off to Europe
putting a car in his wallet."

So there you have it...a Briggs Cunningham connection, in addition to 

everything else. I’ve posted a scan of this button and the 1967 Peter Max
ultraviolet button to Jag-Lovers:


Mike Frank