[collectibles] Latest S-Type brochure

Anyone who can get hold of a copy of the initial release of the
latest UK large format bound S-Type brochure from about two weeks
ago should hang on to it. Jaguar have recalled them all as they
have a number of errors in the printed specification (not aware
if the US version has the same problem).

The one I have is referenced:


but haven’t seen its replacement yet so am not aware of what the
exact problem was.

Those of you that have been following the Mascot article series
by ian and myself in JWM will be disappointed to know that they
have skipped yet another issue despite everything being ready on
time. So Parts 4 and 5 dealing with the modern safety mascots
will be another 6 weeks of waiting for you to enduure.

Anyone got any other news out there?

This post is also a test for the new Jag-lovers Web Forum
interface that will be released nect week together with a number
of other new facilities.

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