[collectibles] Leapers + News

It’s very quiet out there at the moment! Please don’t be afraid to
ask anything, no matter how simple it might be. We did start talking
about people’s individual collecting interests but haven’t seen any
posts on the subject recently. Anyone want to make a contribution? Or
post some wants etc?

Has anyone come across approx 14 inch long metal leapers mounted on a
plinth at any time? If so, please let me know details and any
information you have as to origin etc. Particularly if the item
originated from a Dealer showroom.

F1 fans need to look at the www.jaguar-racing.com web site - they have
expanded their items on offer such as posters and clothing.

Dealers do have very large F1 wall posters (two types) at the moment.
They are meant for the showroom but if you have friends out there…
Plus a series of F1 official postcards (I’ve seen seven variations but
these seem to vanish VERY quickly from the shelves so get in quick!).

The F1 window stickers are available in the Gold Club kit but haven’t
materialised at the dealers yet. What dealers do have is an ENORMOUS
window sticker of the R1 car seen from the front. I’ve got the vinyl
versions of these for the new S-TYPE but the F1 version has eluded me
so far…


Tony (Sussex, UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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