[collectibles] Magazines WANTED - Will pay for collections!

Hi everyone - I am new to this board and looking for mags!
Club publications wanted. Want to buy Lamborghini club books,
magazines, and publications. Also interested in Abarth, Mini-
Coopers, Jaguar, Lancia publications as well. Looking to complete
my collection. Send me an email at @magswanted or
private message me on this site.
Thanks so much!
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I am a long time Jaglovers veteran and only now found the memorabilia section.
Due to financial disaster, I’m forced to sell my treasured automotive literature.
I started collecting Jag Swag, magazines, posters and die casts.
At this time I have some owners manuals, OEM & aftermarket.
My collection of books is only about an average sized moving box or two.
They are some of the most obscure marks from the 50s and 60s.
I have a set of 12 Jaguar Posters that have hundreds of different fasteners.
Each Poster is 13 x 17, each with a category of fastener in actual size and true color.
I have never seen them before or after I bought them about 10 years ago.
My most treasured item is a 18 x 24 signed photo print of a 1959 A-H Sprite ‘Airport Racer’.
It’s a limited edition photo the photographer gave me as a bonus for giving him a part.
Let me know if any of these things intrigues you?
Steve @650.455.1110

That’s strange for Jaguar to make a display of UNC bolts and set screws. I can’t recall their use on Jaguars or SSs.
BSF, BSP.BA, UNF and Metric. I could imagine UNC being used on one end of studs into alloy, but not bolts. What was the circumsrances of the board?

A great set of posters Ed. About 6 different in set issued in 1980s. JagDaim had them for sale, may still have some?.

There are a few ANC then UNC studs, setscrews and bolts for Mark V/XK120 onwards until superseded by metric coarse in the 1970s/80s, but not many other than as you say into aluminium casting applications.


Did I ever send you a list of my literature collection?
Please contact @ 650-455-1110
Thanks Steve