[collectibles] Mascot wanted (recent type)

Can anyone help me obtain a very recent mascot please?

I spotted a variant of the USA aftermarket spring loaded leaper on eBay a
while back but have been unable to get any response about availability of
another identical example. It differs from the the one I own have by having
the small locating spigot moved much closer to the main mounting.

There’s a picture (21k) here:

If anyone knows where I can obtain one (pref new in its box, will obviously
pay for it) please contact me off list.

Note that it has to be identical to the one shown - the spigot must be
next to the white plastic nut and not at the far left end - complete and with
a tail like the old Mark X mascot (UK originated ones don’t have a tail - the
one in the pic was made by Kennedy Inc in the USA and usually has a part
number of JAG1012). Recently, it’s been officially discontinued by Jaguar but
is still available from dealers for aftermarket fitment.


Tony (W Sussex, UK) [XKR Coupe]
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