[collectibles] New and looking for badges {Scanned}


I have had great luck purchasing dozens of Jaguar badges and emblems on

ebay. Sometimes you can purchase a collection or just a few from the same
car. Search ebay for “Jaguar badge”, “Jaguar mascot” or “Jaguar emblem”
and I know you will be pleased with the selection. If the bidding gets a
little steep for your taste just wait a few days. There is an almost
endless supply.

Good luck.


Paul Novak
1969 E-Type FHC
1984 XJ6 SIII Vanden Plas
Ramona, CA
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Hello Forum:
I am new to this list and would like to know where I might purchase
Jaguar car badges, preferably original ones. I am a new collector
and do not know the ropes as yet.
Thank you.

1966 3.8 S-Type