[collectibles] New Collectibles Poster page + other news


For those that haven’t found it already, I’ve added a Posters page to
the Collectibles sub-pages. There are 22 poster scans/photos there at
the moment and most are original Factory ones.

P J Evans SS Cars - 1936
Mark IV - ca 1946 - 47
The original Jabbeke record run - 1949
1951 Racing Victories
XK120 - 1951
Le Mans Victory - 1956
E-Type 2+2 - 1966
XJ220 prototype - 1989
Jabbeke 50th Anniversary - 1999
S-Type - 1999
The Jaguar Difference 1999
XK8 - 2000

The last one is very new and looks like a spoof aimed towards getting
the Bond movie makers to use a Jag next time. After all, would Bond
ever really have driven a German car? It bears the caption 'Next time
James, try Stirred, not Shaken!"

More posters to follow. If anyone has any other posters and can
photograph/scan them I’ll add any that you send to me.

Any Daimler collectors need to get along to their UK dealer as
there’s a very nice prestige hard cover bound brochure for the 2000
range available. Cream with gold embossing and around 20 pages.

Those of you who know Ian Cooling or JAC will like to know there is
now a brand new website up and running:

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