[collectibles] old hood ornament...valuable?


Just discovered your forums and hope I am posting this in
the proper place. I have a silver hood ornament from a
British made Jaguar dating back to the early to late
50’s…it is approximately 8 inches in length with a 3 1/2
inch base attached. The jaguar also has red painted eyes.

I have been told by other Jaguar collectors that they have
never seen a hood ornament with red eyes. It is has a
little rus in the mouth of the Jaguar but other than that it
is in pretty good condition.

Anyone who has any ideas on the value of something like this
I would be greatly interested in finding out.

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In reply to a message from mistyk1313 sent Sat 17 Sep 2005:

Not much, they are readily available on ebay for about �20-�30 and
i’m willing to bet that the eyes were painted on by a previous
owner hoping to make it stand out from the croud.–
Basingstoke/Hampshire, United Kingdom
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