[collectibles] Original D-Type (XKD 404) Literature available

(I’ve put this on the lists in case the owner of 404 happens to be out
there or anyone knows him!)

I have for disposal a foolscap binder that contains various literature
(mostly copies) that apparently relates to XKD 404.

It has:

a) a (photo)copy of a letter to John Melville Smith from Jaguar dated
16th Feb 1970 referring to chassis XKD404 about fitting lightweight
E-Type conrods. With it is an original letter from Smith to Arden
Conversions dated 20th Feb 1970 referring to the copy letter and asking
for them to go ahead with refitting various nuts and washers.

b) a copy (i.e. not original) of the original 50s D-Type owners manual
(not the later BL one).

c) a copy (i.e. not original) (2 sheets) of engine test data on ‘3.75L
engine No E5015-10’ dated 1958

d) two copies (i.e. not original) of contemporary articles about the

c) a copy (i.e. not original) of ‘Dunlop Disk Brakes Maintenance Notes
for Jaguar D-Type competition car’ (14pp)

Anyone interested please contact me ** off lis **

Tony (UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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