[collectibles] Paul Borel XK120FHC model

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I have recently acquired a fabulous, 18 inch long Paul Borel
model. I’d like to find more information about these rarities, or,
ideally, to be able to find Mr. Borel. Can anyone help?

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In reply to a message from JohnnyD sent Tue 4 Mar 2008:

model builder from Hollywood, California). The 18-inch long static
(non-rolling) model is a molded resin finished kit done in the
1980s. The body is patterned from a Doepke Jaguar convertible and
the roof is made to match the real car. Only 8 of these kits were
sold. The resin interior has a simulated burl wood dash, with left
hand drive. The detailed ‘‘Dunlop’’ tires, the wheels and bumpers are
all resin. There are plastic windows throughout. The undercarriage
is stamped with the Jaguar designation and Paul Borel’s name. The
undercarriage can be unscrewed to access the interior. 5 pages of
detailed instructions came with the car originally. My particular
version (built) is Ref PB3-#2 (2nd model produced), 1/10 scale,
Resin, USA

I have some photos posted at www.marsland.on.ca/obsession in the
Jaguar Automobilia tab, chapter 7 section

Cheers, Brad–
1952 XK120 FHC, 1963 E-type FHC, 1988 XKS Coupe, 2003 XJR
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
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(Tom Householder) #3

I have an address for one Paul Borel on Berindo St in Hollywood (Mid 50s) I wonder if this is the same person. does the Jag model instructions have any info that may confirm this?

(JohnnyD) #4

Hello Tom,

Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve pursued this! Thank you for b being in touch.

I did reach Mr. Borel’s son, also named Paul, almost three years ago. I was referred to him by a vintage toy dealer who somehow knew of the connection. We exchanged emails, in which he told me of his his father’s skill, and that he had moved “back ease” and passed away many years ago. Young Paul had no information on these models, and was seemingly thrilled to see the photos of my model number 7. He didn’t offer his home address, but It’s likely the Hollywood address that you referred to. The address on the instruction sheets is a Hollywood P.O. box, so I have no prior reference to the street. I’m aware of only two of the models, one built (see www.marsland.on.ca/obsession) and mine, which is unbuilt. If you haven’t seen my photos, I’ll be glad to send them to you.

It’s been a very long time since I participated in the Jag-Lovers forum, but I still have my 45,000 mile unrestored XK120FHC and the Borel model, as well as the XK150OTS that’s been with me for 25+ years.

Best regards,

John Darack

Wayland, MA

(Tom Householder) #5

The address I have is in the 500 block of Berendo St. Hollywood. I spoke to Paul in the 80s re a Swallow Dorretti he bought new.He had done quite a bit of research on the cars. Our conversation was short. He stated he had 2 of the cars and had sold them to someone in Shrilanka. His research and collection of other known owners at the time was sent to Arthur Andersen of Terrence California and Frank Rainbow the cars designer in England. He stated he had kept nothing and had nothing to offer me for my research. One of the cars I know survives in Europe and a gaggle of his info has survived with it. It has provided me with some interesting early history on the cars development as one piece was a transcribed phone conversation with Arthur Andersen that solved some questions I had. Andersen and his daughter Dorothy Deen were primarily responsible for the cars development and got the first lot of the production of which the first 80 or same came to the USA.
Frank Rainbow worked for Swallow coach builders Lyons initial sidecar company he sold to Tube investments.The demise of production after about 276 cars were built
Is generally attributed to Jaguar professing a conflict of interest with TI supplying the auto industry with steel etc and venturing into auto building in competition with their customers.

A simple google search “doretti 1042” will steer you to Paul’s Doretti. If you can pass this on to the son or send his contact info. It would be of interest if he had any early pics of the car. Possibly a pic of the second car which I have nothing on but his dad telling me the chassis number.

I didn’t know Paul was a model maker. Interesting as I have done several scales of the Doretti years back before the pros got to them. I’ll send some pics when I get to my other computer.

Tom Householder
Doretti Vehicle Consultant
Vintage Triumph Register

Lancaster, Ohio

I assume at this time we are discussing the same Paul…

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I’ve found my email correspondence with Mr. Borel’s son. I’m reluctant to share his contact information through the Jag-lovers Forum and have it widely disseminated without his knowledge. If you will contact me on a one-on-one basis I will send it to you. My email is dpisland@gmail.com.

Best regards,