[collectibles] Questions about value

I’ve noticed that even very low mileage 80s XJS V12s do not
command anywhere near the prices of later 90s model XJS 6 cylinder
cars. Why is this? Looking down the road which is more likely to
command greater demand? I see 80s vintage XJS coups with under 50K
miles, in excellent shape selling for well under $10,000 (US) and
94 through 96 models being retailed in the mid teens and over
$20K (US). I realize part of this is the coupe vs convertible body
styles and the ‘‘targa,’’ cabriolets and Hess conversions aren’t as
well designed as the later factory produced convertibles.–
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I have noticed the same as above.
It seems the market has higher pricing for Ford=Jaguars,
and real Jaguars 89 and under have a less value, why is that, and
also 79 and under XJS are way down in value??

I have a 78 XJS only 22500miles in perfect condition always
heated garage, when an offer comes in its like an insult to ones
intelligence! and when you say its a LEYLAND-JAGUAR they are not
interested. makes no sense. THX RON–
daytona fl. usa/ Austin TX., United States
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