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Thought - try a local Jag dealer in Houston - dealers are stocking the
clothing over here in the UK… And, if enough other people complain
about shipping costs, I’ll pass the accumulated e-mails on to them…

BTW, if you go Jaguar Racing’s site and can’t get many of the pages to
work due to loads of script errors if you have Flash installed [their
Flash pages are broken since the last upgrade] then simply change the
/flash/ part of the URL your browser uses to /html/ and all will be
okay. I’ve reported the problem to them but nothing has happened

TonyOn Sat, 10 Jun 2000 16:15:07 -0500, Patrick McLoad wrote:

Just to second what Tony says about Jaguar Racing Div. Marketing Dep; I
found the shipping rates to be totally out of line. They want 40 pounds
sterling for a Jag Racing polo shirt, and another 35 pounds sterling to
ship it. Has totally turned me off from wanting their merchandise!

Patrick McLoad
'66 Series 1 4.2L
Right-Hand Drive E-Type OTS

At 07:59 PM 06/10/2000 +0100, you wrote:

On Fri, 9 Jun 2000 20:04:59 +0100, Josh Fielding wrote:


Does anyone know if Jaguar ever definitely issued ‘large’ catalogues for the
years 1932 and 1933? I don’t see any on the web site but an Andrew Swift
refers to them as existing in an article in an old JEC magazine about
brochures. Is Andrew Swift a member of this list?


Welcome! Nice to see a post to the list, its been very quiet recently.

Like Ian, I don’t know of any early catalogues for 1932/33 other than
the ones mentioned but we both stand to be surprised.

As far as I know, Andrew Swift is not on the web - at least he wasn’t
last time I spoke to him at the NEC and the possibility didn’t sound
imminent. However, don’t worry, you’ll still find plenty of help here
if you need it.

BTW, anyone want to comment on why Jaguar Racing have some nice car
stickers available at GBP2.00 for three different - then (in the small
print if you read it) find they want to charge you an outrageous GBP
5.50 to post them to you!!! Okay, the heavier items might well cost
more but some stickers? I don’t suppose their merchandise logistics
company can be bothered to treat the stickers separately or are
assuming you’ll buy more to make it worthwhile…

Why don’t they make stickers available at dealers - for free


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