[collectibles] Re: 1956 Silverstone Grand Prix

The other trophy was described as ‘International DAILY EXPRESS, Sports
Car Race, Grand Prix Meeting, Silverstone 14.7.56. Stirling Moss drove a
D-Type Jaguar to win the Daily Express Sportscar Race, which supported
the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in 1956.’

Problem is that the records I can find show JD Titterington as in the
only D-Type to finish that race and he came 3rd! So I’m assuming Sothebys
are wrong, although the trophy had abviously to be won for something and
whoever won it in the bidding may not have acquired what they thought.

To answer my own question, Stirling Moss did win the race - but he was
driving a 3L Maserati, not a D-Type as Sothebys claimed in the auction entry.
Three Jaguars finished in the top 6.

Tony (UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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