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Hi Seth!

I agree with Tony that this is a Mark VII item, but for the bonnet/hood
rather than the radiator. The Mark VII radiator grille runs flush into the
front of the bonnet so there is no flat area, or water filler cap, for a
mascot mounting.

There were, in fact, at least two versions of this item - long and short.
The pic shows the long version which was the original. The short version
came later when it was clear that owners also wanted to fit the Version 2
leaper on their bonnets. The leaper was placed immediately behind the short
version and the chrome strip along the top of the bonnet ran off the back of
the leaper.

This is not a particularly rare item - as you know, there were thousands of
Mark VIIs built. However, one in really good condition would certainly be
worth a premium as would be an NOS item. One of those in its original
wrapper certainly would be a rarity!!

Finally, you’re right about this item being missing from my book - but it is
on the cover! We had to leave so much out to hit our page limit and this
item was one of the casualties. The book represents around 60% of my
collection at the time (1997/98). Add to that much more I know of in other
collections - especially competition items, models, magazines and badges -
and you will see that my effort can only ever be regarded at best as a
detailed introduction and not a definitive listing! That would be a
lifetime’s project and would never be complete - vide the enormous range of
goodies being churned out by Jaguar Collection, plus all the F1 stuff which
is starting to flow.

Hope that helps,

Jaguar Automobilia Collector

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Collectibles Digest Sunday, April 2 2000 Volume 01 : Number 017

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From: Loudon Seth sethl@earthlink.net
Subject: [collectibles] Unusual Jaguar (?) hood ornament

Hi all -

This is a copy of a post i sent to the XL list a couple of days ago, but it
attracted little interest. i would love to know where this hood ornament
came from, and if it is “genuine” - there is nothing like it in Ian
cooling’s book…

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I was prowling around eBay the other day looking for spectacular Jaguar
bargains (none found) when I came across an auction of what looks to me
like a VERY unusual Jaguar hood ornament/mascot. It looks like a cross
between the earlier SS1 radator cap/grille badge and the later Mark IV/V
badge, but with the addition of a bas-relief “growler”. I didn’t bid on it,
and have no idea if it is genuine. I think it sold for about $80. I saved a
pic of it from the eBay site, so if anyone would like to see it or thinks
they might be able to identify it I would be happy to email the pic.

Does anyone happen to know when the “growler” first appeared as a Jaguar
emblem? I believe the “leaper” first appeared in the late 30’s as a
dealer-supplied option so it does have a long and honourable history…


Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 17:22:13 +0100
From: “Tony Bailey” tony@jag-lovers.org
Subject: Re: [collectibles] Unusual Jaguar (?) hood ornament


Thanks for the off list pic - I’ve put it on the Photo Album for you
(best public place if anyone else wants to ask similar questions that
need a pic):

It’s a Mk VII radiator emblem/mascot and in nice condition by the look
of it.

I think the growler first appeared a little earlier on the XK120 but I
stand to be corrected? The leaper (as in the official Jag one) did
indeed appear in the late 30s. In fact, I did a short page on it here
showing the original advert a while back: