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Hi Ted!

I can support Tony’s comments and add that the cover may be leathercloth
(fabric-based) rather than rexine (plastic). As has been said, the aim of
the cover was to protect the paper booklet inside. It was also intended to
last longer than the booklet and, as new editions of the booklet appeared,
the old ones were removed and dumped (or passed on to collectors!) - hence
the slip-in format.

Later versions of the item, post XK up to series 3 XJ, appeared in a number
of different pocket-size formats: plastic covered ring-binders, hard-backed
booklets in a slip-case, laminated card covers, etc. From late 1980s
onwards, a larger format became the norm.

I showed a selection of these salesmen’s handbooks on page 179 of my book,
including a couple of pre-war SS Cars items.

Hope this helps,

Jaguar Automobilia Collector

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On Sat, 13 May 2000 12:22:51 -0500, Ted Uiterwyk wrote:

I recently purchased a 120 / Mk VII Salesman’s Data Book.
Exactly like the one on the web site…

But not Rexine covered or anything, is that a separate cover with the
logo on it ?


Yes, the booklet’s first and last pages slide into pockets on the
separate cover (the booklet is very easily removed from within the
cover). I’ve also got one without a cover that I imagine it has lost at
some time. Seems unlikely that they were intentionally produced without
covers but I stand to be corrected!

The gold Jaguar wings logo is stamped into the covering which is
probably either leathercloth or Rexine, I suspect the latter.


Tony (Sussex, UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]