[collectibles] Re: Collectibles Digest V1 #8

Mike Morin asks:

what the members of this list put into the ‘collectable’ category?

Perhaps we could share our ideas on the subject.

I don’t have any organised collection, just a few brochures, manuals and
bits and pieces that seemed to relate to my cars.

My collection of cars seems to have settled firmly on V12s, and I think I
would like to eventually collect a set of all the Jaguar published
documentation on the V12 powered cars.-----Original Message-----
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Date: 24 February 2000 19:02
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As Tony Bailey mentioned in the same thread, I ran a questionnaire for JAC
subscribers back in 1993. Responses produced the following list of Jaguar
automobilia which featured in readers’ collections: Kick plates, maker’s
plates, table mats, press releases, lubrication charts, sales catalogues,
ashtrays, club literature, hats/caps, sweaters, T shirts, anoraks, lapel
badges, lighters, company letters, spark plugs, photos, club badges, videos,
brochures, price lists, models, mascots, books, menus, steering wheels,
radiator grilles, car badges, drivers handbooks, workshop manuals, parts
lists, hub caps, Christmas cards, club magazines, spinners, posters, colour
charts, birthday cards, post cards, showroom material, press packs, tools,
race programmes, head lamps, salesmen’s handbooks, magazine ads, calendars,
road test reprints, factory magazines, company annual reports, autographs,
dashboard instruments, prints, desk sets and mugs.

All the foregoing came from the questionnaire. However, you could probably
double this list with little trouble by the inclusion of items like the
following, all of
which have also been included in my own collection: competition
sculptures, tax discs, carvings, key rings, decals, medals, leather samples,
invitation cards, dealer correspondence, advertising dummies, dealer signs,
and so on!

Its a sobering thought that in addition to factory items which did not begin
life as collectables, a comprehensive collection of items produced by the
Jaguar subsidiary “The Jaguar Collection” would run now run to several
thousand items and, by the time you have included the watches, cameras and
similar high-priced goodies, would cost deep into six figures (sterling).

Naturally, all this fits neatly into the Cooling definition of automobilia:
“Everything to do with cars - except cars!”

Best regards,

Ian Cooling