[collectibles] Re: [Commercial posts]

At 10:30 PM 06/12/2000 +0100, Ian Cooling wrote

If you have any other queries on the auction, I’ll be happy to follow them
up one-to-one. Jag-lovers ethos, which I totally support, is that
commercial stuff is off-topic here.


Overall, that is true. However, Jag-lovers list admins are generally
acknowledged as being ‘benevolent dictators’ and do have some control
over their own lists. Hence, the following were my carefully considered
thoughts on the matter and these words have appeared in the List Intro
file everyone gets sent when they join (not that anyone ever reads it
of course!).

“Because of the nature of collecting, some commercial content is bound
to appear in the list traffic. If you hear of items for sale/auction or
want to sell items of your own or enquire after items you want then
you are welcome to post that information. However, please do keep
replies to such posts off list and strictly between the parties
concerned. Long lists posted direct to the list from traders are not
going to be welcome - please use the Collectibles Exchange for such

In other words, list members should act within reasonable limits [and
please don’t ask me to explain what that limit is since I don’t know]
with their postings and all will be okay - but there is obviously a
level at which we might have to have a rethink on this policy.

Probably one of the best ways if list members have more than a few
items to get rid of is to post the full details to the Collectibles
Exchange (or eBay) and then post the relevant link here as I’ve done a
couple of times).

And the Collectibles exchange can accept full HTML layout entries with
pictures. If you have a web site you can post image data to [and their
are plenty of free ones about] then this is a vast improvement over a
plain text entry.

Although many of my customers will be
shaking their heads at even the slightest suggestion that I am running
anything remotely resembling a commercial operation - as opposed to a hobby
which has got out of control

Tony [with head moving rapidly in sideways oscillation mode as
Tony (UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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