[collectibles] Re:E-Type brochure

I am looking for a early E-Type brochure.
The one with a steering wheel on the cover.
Can any one help?

Randy Anderson
Des Moines, Iowa
'62 FHC


You might like to know [if you don’t already] that, ignoring foreign
language (i.e. non-English) variations, there are three main versions
of the ‘Steering Wheel’ brochure. The 1st edition (we’ll call it that
for ease of identification) has a metal spiral binder and lacks both
the general dimensions drawings and road tests of later versions -
that means it has only four internal double sided pages giving eight
sides (ignoring covers).

The 2nd edition also has a metal spiral binder and adds two more
pages (4 sides) - these are the Internal dimensions for the Coupe
and Open Two Seater, plus two further sides of road test taken from
The Motor and Autocar.

The 3rd edition is the same as the 2nd but has a plastic comb binder,
generally black but does come in other colours.

One obvious thing as that if you take a 2nd Edition and remove the
last two pages you in theory get a 1st Edition! However, and
fortunately, the printers imprint (Adams Bros and Shardlow) appears
on the bottom right of the last page (12th) in the 2nd edition but on
the 8th and last page (here the sectioned drawing of the OTS) in the
1st edition. So a 2nd edition minus its last two pages doesn’t have
the printers imprint where it should on the last page.

There are other variations if you are really keen and also reprints
(look for dull outer covers). You can get them with and without
protective tissue paper bound in on the outside (in various colours,
white, blue, buff) - these stopped the covers scuffing during transit
but the dealers often pulled them out on receipt and they also fall
out over the years. Also, in the comb bound versions, the sectioned
drawings can be found bound opposite ways round (i.e. the OTS drawing
is on the right side rather than the left when viewing the brochure
opened normally). A real bonus is if you can find a 1st edition in
its original card mailing envelope post marked close to the original
launch date of 15th March 1961.

And there might be even more variations people know of. One came up
on eBay recently bound upside down. Now, is that a variation or a
worthless printers error that should have been binned?

These come up on eBay quite often but you’ll usually have to ask the
seller some guarded questions about which version it is so he doesn’t
realise it is the 1st edition! Most dealers will keep an eye open for
a copy if you ask.

There’s a scan and some of the above comments on Brochures:

Best of luck!

TonyOn Fri, 11 Feb 2000 11:29:39 EST, RADATA3@aol.com wrote:

I am looking for a early E-Type brochure.
The one with a steering wheel on the cover.
Can any one help?

Randy Anderson
Des Moines, Iowa
'62 FHC

Tony (Sussex, UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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