[collectibles] Re: [xk] Model of XK motor - SOME INFO

As the politicians say: I am forming a committee to look into the
possibilities to see if it’s feasible to form a committee to determine if
there is a likelihood…ad nausium
I don’t even know where to get the XK Engine models yet!!
Anybody have any ideas where they are???
Charles #677556

If you are able to locate a source, I’d love one also. Perhaps other
would, too, and we could organize a group purchase.

John D

Charles et al on the XK list

I did post that the a few days back that the JDHT (Jaguar Daimler
Heritage Trust) at Brown’s Lane may have made or commissioned this
model on the 50th Anniversary.

I’ve just had a long chat with Howard Davies at the JDHT and this is
so although only a few hundred were made. It was a 1:42 pewter model
of an XK120 with an XK engine (actually ex a D-Type) finished in gold
alongside, the latter in about 1:12 scale. If I can find a pic I’ll
post it somewhere (actually, the models page on Collectibles would be
a good place to put it - hint, join if you haven’t already):


There are photos of a D-Type and an XK120 ex Rex Hays scratch built
(Lord Montagu commissioned) on there in 1/20th.

Now, there are a few of these JDHT ones about but I also have been
given the name of the model makers who actually produced it (and
produce all Jaguar’s models). I’ll contact them and see whether they
have any quantity left or even if they have anything else. They do
make to order so I suppose if there’s enough interest…

Watch this space…

TonyOn Wed, 16 Feb 2000 18:54:48 -0600, Charles E. Bishop wrote:

Tony (Sussex, UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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