[collectibles] S.S. II for Auction at Coys 11th Dec

Anyone interested in an S.S. II should go to:


There is also a lightweight E-Type up for auction ( 250 HLE /Chassis
number: 861439/ GBP 55,000 - 65,000)

No connection with me of course - here’s the S.S. II details:=================
Registration: KG 519
Chassis number: 127666
Estimate: GBP 10,000 - 12,000

In 1931 the first cars to bear the name of SS were announced, these
being the SSl and SS2 coupe. The SS2 sold in respectable numbers for a
fledgling manufacturer, 1,247 units in a little over two years, but it
has always been among the rarest of SS/Jaguar models.

KG 519 has been in the hands of the vendor for the past decade, but it
is the cars history prior to that which is significant. The cars
heritage certificate, supplied by the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust,
reveals that it was manufactured on the 6th January 1932 and finished
in black with dark blue upholstery. The original dealer is recorded as
Tom Norton, to whom it was dispatched on the 9th January 1932. Nortons
sold the car to its first private owner, a Mr Gurry shortly afterwards.

Remarkably, it appears that KG 519 did not leave the ownership of the
Gurry family from the day of purchase until the restoration was
undertaken in the late 1980s. The car was sympathetically restored over
the ensuing period by well-known Jaguar specialist, Peter Thurston.
During the course of the work a great effort was made to maintain an
air of authenticity. In particular, great care was taken over the
beautiful original upholstery which was carefully revived to
magnificent condition.

We have been informed that the cars recorded mileage of just over
25,000 miles is a genuine figure, with its last regular use occurring
many years ago in 1948. Subsequently KG 519 had been carefully laid up
by the family not seeing the light of day until it was rediscovered and
restored during the 1980s. With the careful recommissioning work
completed the car was returned to its former fine condition and was
inspected by the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust and featured in Jaguar
World magazine. Subsequently KG 519 has seen little use, ensuring that
the mileage remains at just over 25,000 miles.

This is a remarkable survivor from the earliest days of the great
marque, Jaguar. One of the finest remaining examples of perhaps the
rarest of all SS Jaguars and a car which would grace any Jaguar
collection. .

There’s a pic if you register.


Tony (UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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I’ve come across similar “Lightweights” in my research. In fact, I think
that R/M auctions had this very car in 1998. It isn’t one of the original
twelve factory cars, but a modified street car. It’s sort of a vintage

Serial numbers on factory aluminum cars carried an “S” designation, this
car was clearly all steel at birth. Jaguar produced far more aluminum
bonnets than were actually needed by the racing program, many of these
found their way onto period race cars. The engine number, RA4577, suggests
an aluminum block, although it doesn’t fit the number range as I know it.
Other vintage retrofits carry block numbers a few off from the production
lightweights. 4577 would suggest that a later run of blocks was done, or
perhaps it’s a fabrication?

Just for reference, here is a list of chassis and engine numbers of the
original 12 factory cars:


Tires on the original cars were “L” series Dunlops, not radials. 6.00L15
front and 6.50L15 rear was a typical combo. These tires are still being
produced, the period quality of the restoration is spoiled IMHO with modern
275 55x15 radials.

They were all RHD. For even more info, see my web site:


In the most recent sale of a “real” Lightweight, the price was north of
US$800,000. The last time I saw one of these retrofit cars, it was selling
for US$135,000. This is an interesting period race car, and a very good car
to own. I’d say it was well priced, and may go for a bit more than the

Mike Frank
1969 E-Type 2+2
1963 Lightweight (replica)
New York

At 08:58 PM 12/1/00 +0000, Tony Bailey wrote:>There is also a lightweight E-Type up for auction ( 250 HLE /Chassis

number: 861439/ GBP 55,000 - 65,000)