[collectibles] SS Car Club badge availability

Quite a few people have asked if there are any SS Car Club badges up
for sale. Basically, the answer is ‘yes but infrequently’ - if you can
find them. Even reproductions command a good price. And you have to be
very careful that if you are buying what appears to be an original,
that what you buy is what it purports to be.

I’ve been trying to locate a source of badges in the UK. So far, I’ve
only found one firm who will hand make them and I have obtained a
sample. The problems are getting one that is of good enough quality.
The one I have is not bad but the colour is not quite right -
apparently glass enamel of the correct cream shade uses arsenic and the
EEC are no longer happy about using this so supplies have dried up.

The colour of the sample is towards the yellow side rather than the
correct cream and the enamel contains more black flecks than I would
like. The latter can probably be improved through selection of the
batch of enamel actually used for a run, and I imagine the enamel
cleaning process. The base is brass and especially turned to match the
original base (like the Founders badge). The badge is acid etched so
the sunburst design at left and right is not three-dimensional like the
original and does not extend round the sides.

There are pictures at the URL below together with one of the 70s
Maurdon Motors Ltd repros and an original (restored) Founders badge.
The latter is basically the same as the ordinary badge but with the
additional FOUNDER plate affixed at the bottom.


Even the Maurdon Motors one has some black flecks - you should be able
to see these in both badges in the pics. Note that, as with all
computer images, the colours you see may not match what others (or I)
see but all pics were taken within minutes of each other so should be

The reproduction shown would come out at about a minimum of $250 each
in small quantities, not cheap but if you want one for a car then it’s
cheaper than an original would be and not so disastrous if stolen. I’ll
see if I can locate an alternative source - does anyone know of
reliable makers? Many badge makers can’t handle glass enamels though.

I’d like to know how many of you are interested as without sufficient
interest, the project is not viable. And is the one shown good enough
or would you prefer better quality if we can get it? The badges would
of course be identified as reproductions on the back as I have no wish
to add to the dubious ones already out there. I might also put the
sample up on EBay if anyone is really keen on one!

Tony (Sussex, UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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