[collectibles] Swallow Ashtray

I have just come across a cast Swallow ashtray. Can anyone tell me
if the are worth much and how rare they are or are not?

Thanks in advance.

Paul Tomlinson. XJ12C. Bathurst NSW Australia
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In reply to a message from Tomo sent Thu 24 Nov 2005:


If it’s an ashtray with a sandcast swallow on it, probably not
worth a great deal.

There were zillions of copies of swallows around. I was collecting
them until I realised that were more plentiful than Swallow cars.
They seem to frequent antique shops. I have also seen a flock of
them made up into a lamp. It appears the same mascot [one of
several types] was used on Swallow cars, but It may be that Swallow
bought in an existing readily available item.

I tend to see them in the $10-$20 range but then one occasionally
sees a silly price paid on e bay.–
Ed Nantes SS
Melbourne, Australia
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