[collectibles] Swallow Sidecar Decal mystery

Just been sent a 1928 ‘Sidecars for the Connoiseur’ brochure and with
it are two very nice decals…

Both identical, they are in full colour (gold/blue/red) and look like
they belong somewhere on a sidecar body. Anyone out there seen these
before and if so, know where they went? They look (and smell)
absolutely contemporary although I doubt they were actually supplied
with the brochure but I know nothing about them and have ever seen an
illustration of them.

You can see a scan (30k) at:

The distance between the hair lines is 15cm. They are both in
near-mint condition.

Of course, having written all that I’ve just spotted where they go an
a folder illustration amd can now see them on virtually every sidecar
body I can see! Rather than on the body (where I was looking), there
is one placed on the top of the sidecar mudguard just slightly
forward. However, it’s very small and in B/W so would never have
known they looked like this.

Tony (Sussex, UK) [1998 XKR Coupe]
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Do you still have these decals?

Luke, this was a 10-year old thread: I think Tony Bailey has left the list.