[collectibles] The Avengers E-type

Hi, I am the webmaster of ‘‘The Prospero Files’’ a new site
dedicated to the 1998 Warner Bros. Avengers movie. I am trying to
locate the original E-type Jag that Uma Thurman drove as Emma
Peel in the movie. I am hoping I will be able to do a feature on
the car if the owner would be kind enough to allow it. That said
any information on any of the E-types used would be very much
appreciated. Thanks Ian.–
The Avenger Collector
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Ian, tried to find The Prospero Files on thw web, but there were 12,700
listed. What is your site address.

Also as I recall the “Powder Blue” 69/70 E-Type FHC? was baddly mauled in the
movie, I can’t imagine it’s still around, although I would be delighted to
know if it is in fact still around. Won’t Warner Bros tell you anything?

Best regards and luck in your search

Thomas Lanahan
69 FHC Original Owners
Ft Lauderdale

In reply to a message from The Avenger Collector sent Sun 28 Jul 2002:

Hello Thomas,
The site is only just in it’s infant stages but the address from
Tuesday will be www.theprosperofiles.co.uk. I understand three to
four jags were used in total for the film with one surviving. It
was total restored by the studio before either being sold or
returned to it’s owner, that’s the one i’m trying to trace.
The Avenger Collector
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