[collectibles] wiring diagram for MVII

Can anybody scan me a wiring diagram for a Jaguar MVIIM
model. That would be 1955-57 years with parking lights
mounted on the fender tops and flashers monted on the front
of the fenders plus separate fog lamps, etc. My chassis
number is #738648. I have a MVIIM Operator’s Manual, but
there’s no wiring diagram in it. My M7/XK120 Workshop
Manual only covers the straight M7 through 1954 with
combination parking lamps/turn signals.
John Brady and I discussed MVIII and MIX wiring
diagrams. Both of those did not agree with what I found for
wiring of the 8-way connector mounted to the left inner
fender on my car.
I started this ‘‘quest’’ because I rewired my HF horns
and was forced to use a circuit checker and test lamp to
follow the wiring. The color coding of my wires have long
since dulled to a muddy brown/black. I don’t think that my
8-way connector was rewired at any point, but anything’s
From top to bottom (my connector is mounted vertically
to my inner fender with 2 small bolts), #1 receptacle holds
the L. Flasher wires, #2 is for R. Flasher, #3 is for the
horn brown wires, #4 and #5 were L. and R. Headlamps, #6
poweres Fog lamps, #7 powered the Parking Lamps, and # 8 was
the ‘‘power in’’ IGN circuit and power to the horns. Hopefully
there is a wiring diagram for this car that agrees with the
above. I’m not blowing any fuses, so that’s good! Thanks.

                                Adrian Curtis, JANE
                                53 XK120, 55 MVIIM--

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