Collection of S2 E-type parts

I have a fair amount of parts for a Series 2 XKE that I’m looking to sell. Too many to list individually. Look through the photos.
If you see something of interest reach out.

Partial list:

  • Pair of REALLY CLEAN Stromberg carburetors ($240)
  • front brake complete calipers. (Removed to upgrade)
  • rear brake calipers, taken apart and cleaned. Bores look very good
  • Heater fan motor and cage
  • Rear taillight assemblies
  • Repeater/ side lights
  • Rear view mirror for OTS
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Proper XKE oil dipstick
  • Intake manifold
  • Crossover pipe nicely powder coated in black
  • Clutch and friction plate

And much more. Please review photos for more

Asking price (if selling): 1

Location: Walnut Creek CA

Contact information: Robert 925-286-8738

Cost of shipping (if selling): reasonable

Willing to ship worldwide? No

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

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Do you have a wiper motor from your e type?

Sorry no wiper motor

Hi Phillip what are asking for the wiper motor?

Intake manifold in second picture? Price?
Thank you,

Pm sent. 20characters…

Hi Tim.
Just sent you a message.

Bob -

I see some chrome bits - do they include these pieces that secure the upper edge of the door cards?



Sorry Geo, I don’t have any.

Hi Bob,

If available I’m interested in buying the Tail Lights.

Please let me know if they match in color and condition? Hopefully they came off the same E-Type and have aged together.


Hi Tim
Yes, they came off the same car. Here’s a few photos. I know with all the reflections it’s hard to see, but they’re in nice shape. The lenses are great, near perfect. The chrome has some minor pitting, but nothing that draws your attention. All the electrical connections and wires are in great shape.

I can include a pair of good reverse light lenses too. Does $100 for the lot sound fair? Shipping would be $15 priority Mail.

Also, @MarekH makes REALLY nifty LED units for them!

is the radio available.

Front calipers available?

Do you have an A/C clutch/pulley assembly for Tecumseh compressor?

Actually I think I have an entire compressor. This is the original ac compressor that was fitted to the cars correct?

Hi Robert,

This is Dennis DeGroodt in Minnesota - I purchased two exhaust manifolds from you several months ago. They worked out quite well, thank you!

I’m having trouble attaching photos to my emails, so if you can provide me with a phone number I will text you several photos of the compressor and clutch/pulley assembly I’m seeking.

Story behind the request…last summer I sent my compressor and clutch/pulley assembly to Florida to be re-built. Because of COVID, they could not get a specific seal that goes in the compressor. Eventually they found the seal and I received the re-built assembly a few weeks ago. With compressor in hand (it weighs about 30 pounds), I turned to walk to the car to install it. As I turned, a piece of wood trim that I had stored under my workbench caught my ankle. The more I turned, the tighter it pulled. Down I went in a slow motion fall (wasn’t hurt). The clutch/pulley assemble took the brunt of the blow and two large chunks were broken from the assembly which you will see when you look at the photos. I’ve made that turn a thousand times and never touched the wood trim, but naturally with a newly rebuilt (and expensive!) compressor in my hand, I found the trim and the rest is history. If you had been nearby, you would have learned some new words.

So…now I’m looking for the clutch/pulley assembly. If you want to sell the compressor and clutch/pulley assembly as one piece, I’ll be happy to take all of it, provided we agree on price - and provided it’s the proper assembly.

Dennis DeGroodt
314-484-5541 (cell)