Color code for golden metallic 1982 year

Hi all,
well soon I will be painting my 1982 XJ6 but struggle to find the right color. On plate in engine bay the paint code area is blank and in trim side it say M1(interor is black with leather seat) I have found a color named Coronet gold which to me look to dark but car has not been resprayed earlier. Are there any other paint towards gold ?
Best regards Johnny

There was Sovereign Gold…but that was a few yeas later.

The blank paint code suggests it may have been a special order color


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Attached are pictures of my former 1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas. The exterior color is Antelope, Jaguar Color Code AFM. It is a beautiful metallic paint color that I didn’t fully appreciate when I purchased it as the paint was old, tired, and cracked. Once I had the car repainted the original color a few years later it was stunning. It is one of those colors that appears to change depending on the light and can appear gold in bright sunlight, bronze later in the day, and almost grey at dusk.

There are more gold colors that Jaguar used including Silver Sand Metallic.


Thanks for replies!
I have changed sill and fixed rot in standard places and goal is not show car level but jag to be used and will need to fix more areas next winter so will only paint areas as time goes by and paint whole car when ready.
I will think about suggestions and decide within next weeks…spring is soon here…even in Sweden!
Attach bad picture of the car…

Den tis 16 feb. 2021 17:42Paul M. Novak via Jag-lovers Forums <> skrev:

All serious paint and body shops today have a colour reading device so they can scan your colour and find the code.

Don’t you believe it… I had my car repainted in an non standard colour about 15 years back, supposedly a mixture of silver birch and rhodium silver… now as the engine is out I decided to repaint the engine bay, I gave one of the bonnet location stays to one of the most respected paint suppliers in the S.E. of England and they came back with Lunar grey, which it was not… I took the bonnet to them and they still could not match the paint. Their spectrophotometers were absolutely useless and the guys said we really use just the paint codes… I had to get another body shop involved and he came down with three spectrophotometers to analyse the paint, finally I got it matched, but it was not so simple…

Back in the day, you needed somebody who knew how to match paint colors. The original code didn’t help because it had faded considerably since new. Is that still the case? Or do modern paints not fade like they used to?

I know that they got such equipment but dont want to do MOT and then go to paint shop with only base coat and muddy roads with salt. I just want to match as close as possible so it doesnt look to much rubbish until I paint whole car.

Den ons 17 feb. 2021 10:42Mike Attard via Jag-lovers Forums <> skrev:

The problem with the XJ is that their really isn’t something easy to remove and take down to the paint shop… on the XJS you can take the fuel filler flap, but you cant do that on the XJ, Initially I took one of the bonnet catches, but that was too small to get several readings… so I took the bonnet as it was already off, the easiest part to remove I think is the rear lower three quarter under the bumper, just make sure its clean and you’ve cut it a bit to get a good reading.

My friend told me about a color called monkey gold

Hi Mike,
Yes,It might be possible but is corroded in some part and corroded so I doubt it.
A magazine renovated an xj6 which I think got the same…filigree gold but seem to be used later on.
Problem is that im color blind…:joy:

Den ons 17 feb. 2021 12:31Mike Attard via Jag-lovers Forums <> skrev:

Or the boot!! good luck and keep us posted

Or the part above the radiator, 8 bolts, some vent hoses with a bit of coolant in them and less dirt. But that’s not exposed to the sun.

Wondering if you are really looking for “silver sand metallic”? It was like a light champagne color that was exclusive to the Vanden Plas XJ6 around 1983. If so, the code for Silver Sand Metallic is GDA.


I now got 4 gold colors to choose from.
Antracite sure loks nice but will differ too much vs door openings.
Right now it feels that sovereign gold will be the choice but still got 2 weeks to decide.
I’ll keep you posted and will send picture when I have painted the areas.

All best from Johnny

Den tor 18 feb. 2021 02:41Richard Greene via Jag-lovers Forums <> skrev:

They do, Kirbert - it is the art of matching that is getting lost. It’s like parts numbers; necessary because the parts dealers seem helpless without them…:slight_smile:

On the other hand, with a full respray; an imperfect match is not that visible unless door sills etc i in contrasting colours…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Went to paint shop yesterday and bought color as close as me and the shop owner could agree on. Base coat will be on tomorrow and metallic and clear lacquer beginning next week. Will be interesting to see how close I got…

Hi Johnny, don’t you have a sticker on the inside of the left a-pillar, near to the door hinges?
Ususally, the color code is written down there.

So, honestly, it really were not the photospectrometers that were of no use.
It were the guys using them wrongly.

We use our photospectrometer on every car in the shop and it is nearly always spot-on.
Have them search the entire database worldwide, not just the European Jaguar bit.

Hi all,
I know have painted the car. Not the best of matches since the paint shop did not have spectrometer but I don’t care…at least I soon will have an oldtimer on the road and keep fiddling with the mk 2. It seems now that there is a bit of green in the color.
On A pillar is there only a label from Holland since the cars came from there…no paint code.
So now it is the exhaust,fit all bits and book a MOT time.
All best /johnny