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The engine of my 1950 MK V Saloon, Chassis number 520782, Engine number H 2794 is painted red. Now my question to the forum, is this original or should it be black? I am very grateful for a concrete answer, because if I have to repaint it, I have a lot more work.
I would have liked to include a photo, but I don’t know how.
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The generally received majority opinion is that post-1945 engines are black.
The minority opinion is that red makes the car go much faster.
At least on the auction block. :laughing:

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The flex pipe is a nice touch…:wink:

The original flex hose was plain steel brazed to the two pipe stubs, but of course it rusted away. I used stainless steel hose with U-saddle clamps, but it does not seal perfectly and there is some noise, so I’ll do something better later, maybe weld them.
The manifolds were coated by Jet Hot, the idea being to simulate new cast iron.

Most engines are black. My recollection is that the block in my current Mark V was red when I bought it about 20 years ago. I’ve painted it black during rebuild. First function of the paint is to reduce corrosion, second function is aesthetics. Personal preference comes into play on the second function. If you want your car judged at a show, maybe double checking what the judging standard will accept would be good. My car does not stand for judgement (and would make all other show cars look great). I like the combo of a red head and black block.

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And as my wife says, “Black goes well with all colours.” It’s also slimming on most women, but don’t tell her I said that! :grin:

Black is the colour for all engine heads and blocks. Sometimes people pick the “Jaguar” name out in another colour. I’ve seen red, white and even gold. None of those are original but I guess you could argue that it’s like monogramming on a shirt or handkerchief! Yes I use them much to my teenage daughter’s horror! :laughing:


The cream car’s engine bay is pretty amazing!


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Yes, it’s very certain that the pushrod engine blocks and cylinder heads were all painted black,

Also in my car the engine (block & cyl head) SL2194 had been painted a bright red in the USA in the 1970’s.
I painted it black.

The highlighting some restorers use was not normal in production either, the chromed suspension parts and silver & gold etc details were only seen in car shows (bare chassis or engine on display) and no production car had such silly tarting up. :slight_smile:


Pekka T. - 647194

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