Coloring the Back of the Front Seats


The leather seats in the 73 XJ6 are in poor condition with the seats misssing pieces of leather on the drivers seat and, of all places, the back seat. The sun and heat on this California car have kept the metal rust free but it played havoc with the leather.

My plan is to use the seats from the 71 XJ6, which are in very good condition. In 1985, I stripped the black color from them and then recolored them again to black. I was very pleased with the results, which has held up very well. My plan at the moment is to again strip the black color off the leather, and apply a new coat of “gold” color. Again, my past experience gives me confidence. However, if anyone has any thoughts on that process, please let me know.

My question is regarding the fabric on the back of the front seats. I believe that too is a black color. Has anyone removed those panels and or recolored or replaced them?? Does anyone know that the fabric is; wool, synthetic???


Color Plus, where I bought the black dye, is still in business and I have set a piece of the current “gold” color for them to match.

My question today is regarding the front seat backs. As you know, there is cloth, perhaps wool, on the back of the front seats. The black of the back seats are a dark gray color. Does anyone know what that material is? I assume its either a wool or synthetic. Has anyone recolored that material?

The seat backs are probably wool union cloth if they have a soft, felt-like texture, and look something like this:

If you do have union cloth, it tends to become fragile over time. You may also have moquette, sort of a thin carpet-like fabric, that is more durable but probably harder to dye properly.

The seat back construction is composed of two pieces, a frame made out of hardboard, and the inset that only has a thin foam backing without any hardboard. The union cloth frame also has a foam backing so you should be aware that it may absorb dye.

Most front seats I’ve seen use the same color on the front and back.


Hope this is helpful. Good luck!