Come for a Drive!

Come along for a 17 minute drive in my '66 FHC.

Car started slower than usual (just a touch of the button), it’d been sitting over 2 weeks. Interesting in the video the perception of speed is diminished. Most of the driving is around 50-55 and at 11:16 up to around 75. You can hear my signal clicker with the LED turns all around.


Well that was fun! Beautiful estate and countryside to go along with those wonderful Jaguar sounds. How did you mount your camera?

Camera is a Contour (like GoPro) camera I got about 10 years ago. I mounted it with an adjustable suction cup mount on the hatch window.

I was hoping to show the gauges during the drive. All systems were good, car running very well. It’s a 1980 engine rebuild with about 3K miles on it, Pertronix distributor from the same time (80s), Coolcat fan with standard radiator. Nothing special in the engine or different than stock than the distributor. So, they did run well when sorted out (and this car did need it when I got it) with original equipment.

My one issue is the low idle speed screw on the rearmost carb doesn’t work right. Fully closed it does not drop the air flow. But, it’s close to the other two and you can see the car runs and idles great, so, I’m not messing with it.

I like the DESK next to the car…
Ok …
What starter, wheels and tires…anything added?

That’s the garage where I keep the cars as a group and have that corner as an alternative office space and storage for business documents (file cabinets). The desk was my grandfather’s and father’s. If you look closely at the wall behind the desk (through the windshield) you’ll see a picture you like. Found it on Amazon of all places and in ODG, my color.

Upgrades NOT done by me:
Gear reduction starter
6" Dayton wires
Coolcat fan and relay on fan circuity
Coolcat Magnatech wires (If I got that right)
Pertronix distributor

By me:
Ceramic coating on exhaust manifolds
RetroSound head unit
Clock reworked by Eck
Stainless heater tubes (2 out of 3)
Tires, 205/70-15 General Altimax RT43, replaced old Pirellis
LED turn/brake/park lights with appropriate flashers
Quick release knob for steering column height adjustment
5/8" bore clutch master cylinder

That’s all I can think of. I basically sorted out the car mechanically and cosmetically, especially the engine bay, over 2 years. It was all there for the most part mechanically, just needed to be diagnosed and dialed in.

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Very nice…The little tweeks help alot.
Enjot that ride!

I forgot this
5/8" bore clutch master cylinder

Your using the Willwood as well?

No, all original braking system. Works great except for a sticky reaction valve occasionally.

I just needed to make the clutch pedal easier to depress.

Got it so your happy with that bore size

Same for me if I let it sit for a couple of weeks. So far a few pumps of the pedal works things out. Sounds like mine too. I like the gear whine. Such easy going, happy cars.

68 E-type FHC

What precisely do you think you’re accomplishing, by “pumping the pedal?”

For me, it is working. Lighter pedal (I still wouldn’t call it light though) with more travel, which I have enough of and have adjusted the throw out gap so I have no engagement issues in any gear.

exercising the valve, piston?

Aha… well, If there’s vacuum in the brake reservoir, that might have an effect.

I mistakenly thought the pumping reference was to the throttle.

Yes a few pumps of the brake pedal has been solving things for me when they stick sometimes after a couple of weeks of inactivity. When I bought my car in 2000 there were a couple of receipts in the file from the '90’s about freeing the brakes (and clutch) so I have been mindful to exercise things at least every couple of weeks. So far so good except one time when a flex line plugged up so I replaced all 3.

68 E-type FHC

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Gee whiz. 36 years of dot 5 silicone in my system and no issues. Not trying to make a case. Just an observation.

I’ve had no problems either, Tom, though with either silicone or glycol based brake fluids, 39+ years.

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Thanks for posting the video. I like that in Wisconsin, stop signs are merely suggestions. :smile:

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Same in Weld County, Colorado…:wink:

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