Comments invited (customised Jaguars)

It is: I thought Chevy Monza, but not quite right.

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Is it an XKS? Or XK8?

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Red one looks like it could be based on a Porsche, maybe a 996 or later since there’s no apparent provision for air cooling.

Black one looks like a XJ6 front end grafted onto possibly another Porsche 911 (again, perhaps one of the watercooled models, or maybe a Boxter.)


Yes, That I can see !!!

Original photo isn’t a million miles away from this.
Thomassino 111, built by Tom Meade in the late '60’s, based on a 3.0l Ferrari engine.

No: just about 760,000 miles away…:wink:

Regarding earlier comments of it being a “photoshop special”, no self respecting photoshop artist would let that out the door.

As to the red car, it is an early xk8/r.

Of course, as I need the currently fitted 3.8 for Jim’s rusty racer.

I think Huson Hornet beat them to it.

the green car at the top reminds me of a Bizzarini GT

This S1 built in Australia by (Alan Baker Restorations) 6 inches added to the width on rear quarters,…beautiful job.

Perhaps… its spectacular!

As a WAG my money would be on a Porsche 911 chassis. Open the rear compartment to see if an engine resides there. That would be the proof!!! The door window glass seems to be re-profiled a bit but the door mirror is like situated.



The red one is actually an early XK8/XKR as suggested, the black one is an XF.

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