Compare xk to xkr

(McGehee Woolf) #1

I have decided to purchase one of these two vehicles. I am interested in how a long time enthusiast views the difference between these two beyond the additional hp of the xkr.

  1. Does either require any special maintenance?
  2. Does either have any predictable issues I should be concerned about?
  3. I am leaning toward the model year of the 2012, but am open to the 2010 and 2011 too. Are there any important operational differences in those model years?

(Kim Rutherford) #2

There were slight body design changes in 2012 which lasted till the end of the run for the XK in 2015 .Also changes to the design of the seats .
Kim R
2012 XK Convertible
2005 XJ81961 Mk 11 3.8