Completely lost of power in highway

today with almost 35 celsius 95 F, i was driving home in the highway. I was coming back from the mechanic that repaired my fuel pump and dismatled the fuel tank for the reparation. Well, suddenly without any warning, i lost completely power. i coasted to the side of the road and stopped. No warning lights, no engine lamp, nothing. I tried to restart but it did not started … waited almost 3-4 minutes then tried again and the engine this time started and the car drived normally home. i called the mech and he told me to load fuel because it was a little low and he supposed that there was something clogging the fuel. i am a little warried… maybe the problem is related to extremely high temperatures ?

Andrea …

Since you just had the fuel system worked on it’s only logical to suspect that as the culprit but in my experience when an engine is fuel starved it tends to give a sputter or two before shutting down instead of turning off like a switch. But of course anything is possible.

In the 30+ years I’ve owned my '89 it has only shut down on me twice. Both times like you describe, suddenly and with no warning. Both times in wet weather, and after replacing the distributor cap and rotor (don’t know which because I always replaced both) the car started right up and no more problems. Strongly suggest that everyone ALWAYS carries a spare set.

Maybe the tank isn’t venting properly ? If it happens again undo the filler cap to see if you hear an inrush of air into the tank. I’m not certain how the tank venting system works, but maybe the mechanic has squashed or trapped one of the hoses ?

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