[concours] 1998 Jag-lovers Fund Drive

I am your administrator for the concours@jag-lovers.org mailing list
and we have a problem developing here which needs to be addressed.

For the past two years, Gunnar Helliesen’s company, Bergen IT Consult
AS, has generously donated a huge amount of equipment, admin support and
net-access for the Jag-lovers jaguar mailing lists to which you
s*ubscribe (to date, their donation of net-access to Jag-lovers totals
over US$10,000). This allows us to provide Jag-lovers with a low/no
cost, stable and high-bandwith service and Gunnar’s company has no plans
to alter this high level of support.

However, Gunnar has notified me and the 9 other Jag-lovers list
administrators that bedrock (the jag-lovers.org mailing list and Web
server) is showing signs of serious overload and needs to be upgraded in
the very near future. They are not in a position to donate the
equipment necessary for this upgrade.

Since the all of the 13 Jag-lovers lists (pre-xk@, xk@, saloons@,
e-type@, xj-s@, xj@, lumps@, modern@, concours@, racing@, policy@,
webteam@ and, of course, pub@) need this server to operate and each list
is run and maintained entirely by volunteers, this upgrade can only be
funded through contributions from the individual members of those lists.

So, after years of free service, today we are launching our second
Jag-lovers fundraising drive.

Yes, if you’re reading this mail, this means we are asking you for money.--------

The 1998 Jag-lovers fund drive will fund the purchase and maintenance of
a high-end PC computer, network peripherals and network access to act as
a dedicated host for all Jag-lovers operations for at least the next
three years. Gunnar estimates the base cost of this system to be
US$4000.00 (see http://www.jag-lovers.org/newserver.html) with US$500.00
added for unforeseen costs. The equipment will be the property of
Jag-lovers with Gunnar’s company continuing to house and maintain the
system under the supervision of the Jag-lovers list admins.

Since this fund-raiser is being held to acquire equipment essential for
the ongoing operation of Jag-lovers, the 1998 fund-raiser will continue
until the US$4500.00 target is reached.

While no-one will be forced to contribute or get tossed off any list for
not helping, the amount which we are seeking to raise is rather large
and we hope that EACH AND EVERY MEMBER will join us in this fund-raiser.

Consider this, whether you are here for the entertainment or the
technical information, surely you’ve gotten at least $20 worth of value
out of these lists and the web-site. And, unlike most charities, we
only hit you up for money every couple years…


This fund will be run in the same manner as the 1995 fund-drive:

  • Nick Johannessen will act as treasurer for this fund drive.

  • The suggested amount is US$20. Please include the name of the
    jag-lovers list (e.g. xk@, saloons@, e-type@) which you would like
    your donation to be tallied under and your general location (see below).

  • Each contributor’s name will be gratefully acknowledged, but only the
    fund total will be published.

  • As an accounting safeguard, any contributor who asks will receive a
    copy of the list of individual fund contributors and the amounts.

  • You are encouraged to send pictures with your contribution and
    Nick will add them to the members pictures page on the web (write all
    info on the back of the picture. It also helps if you and any
    significant others appear in the picture to add some personality to it).

  • Updates of the funds’ status will be posted periodically to all lists.

  • Since the banks would charge Nick around $10 to handle each foreign
    check, it is impractical for everyone to mail him individual cheques.
    Donations will be collected at the following four locations and each
    will send a single check to Nick.

  • To avoid problems with the banks, please make your cheque out to the
    person administering the collection and not to “Jag-lovers Server Fund”

    USA (in US dollars only) Europe
    Jag-lovers Server Fund Jag-lovers Server Fund
    c/o Lawrence Buja Nick Johannessen
    3169 Oak Circle North Jongsvingen 10
    Broomfield, Colorado, USA 1300 Sandvika
    80020-1056 Norway

    UK (12 Pounds Sterling) Australia (AU$30.00)
    Jag-lovers Server Fund Jag-lovers Server Fund

    c/o Alastair Lauener            c/o Jan Wikstrom
    6 Gallowhill Gardens            17 Canoelands Rd
    Kinross                         Glenorie, NSW 2157
    KY13 7RT   UK                        Australia 

    CANADA - open at this moment

  • If you have any questions, either send them to me or Nick
    (nick@jag-lovers.org) or post them publicly on the policy@ list (our
    anti-spam measures require you to subscribe to policy@ in order to
    post there see: http://www.jag-lovers.org/cgi-bin/majordomo ).


The list admins are kicking off the fund with their donations of $20 each.

Jag-lovers Server Fund: Total: US$180 (4.0%)

Lawrence Buja (admin) racing@ Colorado USA
Nick Johannessen (admin) pub@, policy@ Oslo, NO
Gunnar Helliesen (admin) webteam@ Bergen, N0
Per Stenius (admin) xj@ Helsinki, FI
Alastair Lauener (admin) saloons@ Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
George Cohn (admin) e-type@ Arizona USA
Dick White (admin) pre-xk@,xk@,concours@ South Carolina, USA
William “Chip” Lamb (admin) lumps@ Williamsburg, Virginia
Rusty Beard(admin) xj-s@ Scottsdale AZ

Looking forward to your support,
Dick White