[concours] 92 Sovereign -- carpets

I have a '92 Sovereign, black over black with light grey carpet. The car is
driven infrequently (live and work in downtown Minneapolis – so I walk to
work) but the carpets (primarily the factory mats) are getting pretty dirty.

I am looking for ideas on cleaning them myself. Thoughts?

Thanks . . . Scott


I would not hesitate to (sparingly) use the same products that one would
use for good wool household carpets. If you don’t happen to have a
wet-or-dry vacuum then it would also help to rent a Rug-Doctor-type
carpet machine with the “upholstery” attachments in order to remove any
excess water after shampooing.

Taking out the removable carpet sections in the footwells will obviously
simplify the process.

Good luck, Dick

For Scott re: cleaning his carpets. My Series III late 82 has original
carpets in excellent, as new condition, but the driver-s side needed
cleaning. I used a commercial spray type carpet cleaner, gently rubbed
it in, let dry, vacuumed, and voila! perfectly clean carpet. The only
drawback was the rather strong odour, but it lasted only a day or so.

                                        Gregory Andrachuk
                                        Victoria Canada
                                        82 xj6 - 9.976 D6 (1997)