[concours] Brochure update +29 brochures, 300+ pages

As promised, the Jag-lovers brochure pages just had a major update.
Mostly for the period between 1950 and 1980 including much XK120/140
material including the 14 page principal XK140 brochure and the original
XK120 Convertible brochure, plus one that includes the ‘D’ Type. Also
MkX and Mk1 have major additions. Includes the E-Type launch - the
famous ‘steering wheel’ - brochure. There are now 60 Jaguar brochures on
the site.


Other updates are for MkVII, MkIX, ‘S’ Type, Mk 2, 420 and XJ. Updates
for XJR, XKR, XJR-15, New ‘S’ Type, DS420, the V12 engine and the MkIV
from 1946 were reported by mail previously.

NB: I have a 1946 1.5L (Mk IV) ‘Instruction Book’ in good condition for
disposal if anyone is interested. The service section has not been
filled in so the book is ‘unused’.

Next update will focus on Pre-war SS etc plus more XKE and later

Would you like to see other material like the Pirana brochure (E-Type
chassis Bertone concept car built for UK Daily Telegraph) or the
Avon-Stevens XJC? Or the original 1960s 20 page ‘Technical Descriptions
and Specification for the E Type Grand Touring Models’? The latter
includes a very detailed 3 page’Technical Appraisal’ of the whole car,
engine and chassis by Jaguar Cars.

From the UK Goodwood Festival Speed on Friday (a sunny day!) I have many
photos of XKs (including XKSS) and XKEs that I will post towards the end
of next week. There were also some really brilliant model ‘panoramas’
for sale depicting a 1/8th scale model XKE in an untidy UK garage
workshop of the period in ‘major disassembly’ state. It is impossible to
describe them and do them justice so I hopefully have some photos - the
makers can produce any car as long as a 1/8 scale is available (big
Healeys, Porsche also on show) (plus presumably a spare to get all the
engine/transmission etc bits that are scattered over the garage floor
and benches!) They are designed to mount within a wall (like a small
safe - sizes vary but the case is about 9-12 inches wide). I have no
connection with the makers BTW - just very impressed (not cheap though
at around 100-150 UKP).

Enjoy. Please report any broken links, and also any dates you feel may
be incorrect. Most early issues are undated and I have had to guess at a
lot of them. Some previous dates have been corrected.