[concours] Brochure updates - V12 engine/rare 1946 Mk IV/Daimler DS420/XJR-15

There is a major update of the Jaguar Brochure web site due next week
with 25+ new brochures… Might even be more if I get the time…
Hopefully, by then all models will be represented with at least one entry


It is a job selecting what to put on - if anyone has specific requests (I am
sitting on a few already), please mail me. The 1946 Mark IV entry is from
an e-mail request but I’ve lost the original senders name - sorry!

In the meantime the following four brochures have been added:

1946 Mk IV (1.5/2.5/3.5L) - this is the rare full-colour miniature brochure
that is barely larger than a credit card (actual 10 x 7cm) . It was
produced this way due to chronic post war paper shortage… The
original from 1940 also covered the SS100 prior to the factory going over
to war time production. I’ll post this one at a later date

1971 ‘Genesis’ of the Jaguar V12. A really nice production all about the
V12 engine with some brilliant ‘acetate’ artwork. You can still buy this at
a reasonable price from various outlets, although I believe the Heritage
Trust are out of stock now as it doesn’t appear there any more

1975 Daimler DS420 courtesy of Craig Tiano - who owns one. Amusing
set of photos of various ‘royal’ and other likely occupants

1990 XJR-15 Press Pack inc two photos…

Also, the UK Goodwood Festival of Speed has a ‘50 years’ of XK stand
with XK120 C & D Types etc. I’ll photograph and try to post next week on
these pages…


Would love to see a brochure on the 1955 XK-140 FHC._____________________________________________________________________
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