[concours] Brochures small update - E-Type S1 technical info & Mk IV Instruction book

All Jag-Lovers

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  1. 1961 E-Type ‘Technical Descriptions and Specifications for the ‘E’
    Type Grand Touring Models’

This is an official Jaguar release and has LOTS of close typed technical
info and background that any E-Type owner will find fascinating. There
is also a ZIPPED version of the scans (2.5Mb) you can download if you
want to print it out locally.

I’ve also got masses of similar pages of typed stuff for the
420/420G/Daimler Seoverign and ‘S’ Types if any of you are keen to see

  1. ‘Jaguar 1.5 Litre Instruction Book 1946/47/48’

The complete ‘Owners Handbook’ of the time. With a difference, it even
shows you how to take the engine apart and decoke it! Fascinating
reading, all 64 pages of it!

As usual, any corrections, bad links to me please a.s.a.p.

In case anyone wonders, the new Jaguar face ( a full colour ‘Growler’)
at the top of the Brochure index page comes from a 1971 Jaguar range