[concours] Can Spray Painting (was: Painting the Heater Box)

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<< No matter how hard I try, I don’t seem to have the patience needed to
paint successfully with cans. Dispite my best efforts, I always end up
with drips and fisheyes. I think it’s just a matter of being in too much
of a hurry. >>

  • This used to be me…adding, I never prepped anything correctly either.
    But taking the time to do some light sanding first followed by a good
    cleaning before painting makes all the difference. Anymore, I make a
    project out of painting small stuff. My paint booth consists of some metal
    coat hangers looking like small meat-hooks hanging from a tree limb outside
    the garage. I hang the item. Shake the can for a full two minutes and
    from a foot away, put on the first of many very light coats. Remember to
    turn the can upside down and spray for a while between uses to clear the
    nozzle and prevent “gobs” coming out on the next use. Given drying time,
    I’d take at least a day to do a heater box with 6-7 coats. I’ve recently
    learned how effective some very fine grit wet sanding can be as well. I
    sometimes bring the items inside to hang dry in the AC. If it’s too windy
    or wet…I just wait for another day… Experiment, you’ll find you can do
    some amazing work.

Paint of choice: Rustoleum because it seems to bond so well and stay looking
new for years. I also find I don’t need to prime.

I’m holding out on getting a jamb gun…but my paintbooth will remain

Bob Hotaling … “the world is a paintbooth”
69 OTS